Kepurp by Ciro Salatiello.


How Kepurp is born

The idea was born during a family trip to London. Walking through the city, the teenage daughters wanted to stop and eat the famous kebab. The chef, however, more attracted by the idea of ​​trying the Anglo-Saxon gastronomic culture wanted to divert the girls' desire and playfully proposed to bring them to eat, on their return to Naples, the "kepurp". This word, although born as a joke, remained etched in the mind of the chef, who, after returning home, immediately set to work transforming the idea into facts: the octopus kebab (from the Neapolitan dialect “purp” meaning “octopus”) was born. Thanks to the successive publications of two books, in particular "The ingredients of a life", this new idea was allowed to quickly achieve success on social media, in newspapers and in national TV broadcasts, including television quizzes. Today he is certainly one of the Neapolitan street food stars, the kepurp is the Neapolitan answer to the Kebab.


Olive Nere e Tartufo del Matese

Ciro Salatiello

I show you Kepurp

Campania is one of the few regions where it is recognized and represented in every corner of the world by its culinary art. Pizza, lemons, San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella, babà, sfogliatelle, pastiere, lemon delights, they are, without a shadow of a doubt, the best business card in any place on the planet. Food always snatches a smile, and inherent in man, an irrepressible instinct of the pleasure of body and mind. Among all the wonderful culinary proposals that can be shown and of which this people is proud, in this new millennium a new entry, the Kepurp, is added. Imposing, elegant, with Neapolitan charm, this mega octopus carpaccio is truly conquering the world. To think of a new way of presenting the octopus, a bit of a kebabaro style, was the Neapolitan chef Ciro Salatiello, who with a play on words and a bit of an old man is giving his Napoli a product that he has been writing and adding in recent years to the already noble Neapolitan cuisine, a new chapter. The Kepurp comes in various forms, the product is prepared by hand, its strength is the freshness and the peculiarity is the cut that is made in front of the guests as for the well-known Kebab. Fragrant, spicy, dietetic, without preservatives its creator the chef Ciro Salatiello presents it to his guests as a high quality product. From the book "The great Neapolitan cuisine".


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